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You know, for all the stick Microsoft gets, illegal bundling of IE with Windows to abuse the monopoly position, huge numbers of patches and problems, they do help people with many solutions to fix things.

Well, Apple, famous for their line ‘”It just works”, simply didn’t.

I bought the version 3 firmware from them, tried to update the iPod, and what happens? an unlimited reboot/recovery problem. I spent 14 hours (midday Saturday to 2am Sunday) trying to fix it. My problem was exactly as this guy’s iPod… I uninstalled iTunes and their drivers, created a new user, DFU mode, even using a iBrickr to try to boot it, all to no avail.

The last option was to use another computer, either Maria’s lappie or my vintage one downstairs. I opted for something different.

I installed Windows 7 RC, which I downloaded during summer, getting a key and everything (legally from Microsoft). Within the hour, Windows 7 was running on the netbook, and just looked gorgeous. iTunes was next, and low and behold, it not only restored it to original settings, but upgraded it to the new firmware, without any pain.

I would have to say, score 1 for Microsoft, because Apple’s own documentation (use a different USB port, cable, computer, OS) was horrid, and I dread to think if I have a Mac with a problem…

OVerall, I can install apps now (nice free games) and even an ebook reader!

Finally, something to keep me awake on the bus/tram/metro for these coming weeks…

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