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Greece isn’t so bad

February 21st, 2010

Going on from my previous post, there are still many problems. Despite the new austerity plans, there are other problems with getting money from Greek peopleHuge strikes in Greece (forcing a run on petrol stations because fuel trucks stopped too), other parties disagreeing (namely the Greek Communist Party), and the previous government refusing to admit their fault in the matter.

Papandreou spoke to the BBC when he was in the UK, and his accent was amazing, you could forget he was Greek entirely, not like Karamanlis. True, he’s half American, but for a foreign leader to have a good command of another language is fairly interesting.

He said the truth, that things are bad here but Greece will pay their own debts, we just need moral (not financial support, yet) from Europe and the world and the belief that we can do it. These are tough times we’re going through, small things I’ve noticed already, the price of of a 500ml coke has gone up from 1 euro to 1.20 (though it may have been just at the bakery I frequent), and pay-as-you-go mobile phones have taxes on them when you buy and load credit (11 euros purchased credit comes out to about 8.50 credit).

Despite all this, life continues as normal, as it’s days like these that make me happy to live in Greece:


This is a view of Piraeus from Edem (ΕΔΕΜ) tram station, 3rd February at 10am, a chilly wind with warm sun, the best kind of day to go to work on. If you drive by the sea every day on your way to work, somehow you’ll believe that things aren’t so bad, and that no matter what, we can make it.

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