Melancholic Nostalgia

Well, that’s an approximate amount, when I wasn’t feeling particularly inspirational. A good ballmark figure I should strive for when I start writing in greater amounts for the next year or so. True, it may not be for my book, just fanfiction again, but any form of writing is writing none-the-less.

Taking some well deserved leave in the form of three long weekends, so April is going to fly by without my noticing it.

Also the new episode of Doctor Who was actually really good, I was wrong about my first impressions of the 11th Doctor, but he is a quirky character, and, dare I say it, more like the Doctor should be than Tennant.

The score by Murray Gold was once more, emotional, a great deal more than the previous series more epic tone to it. I’m looking forward to hearing the new tracks for the next few episodes, and for the soundtrack to be released.

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    Uhhhh hello brother of mine?? ignoring my facebook message??

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