Melancholic Nostalgia

Not bad, 7,155 words in total, up to chapter 6 now (Harry Potter / Tsukihime crossover)

My muse had a huge burst of inspiration, just one of those days when characters already with their own personalities, albeit slightly tweaked by myself (or totally fabricated to the extreme when it comes to Petunia), come into contact with each other, resulting in lots of sparks flying, and delicious dialogue with fight scenes.

Basic summary, having the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (MEoDP as it is abbreviated sometimes) gives the user a great blessing with the ability to end any existence by slicing the ‘lines’ in objects, whether inanimate or not, but it is also a curse since using it more and more will eventually destroy the user’s mind.

Ryougi Lines of Death

Harry obtains this power inadvertently, could he have changed things? So far i have changed the first book by [spoilers] and killing [spoilers] before [spoilers].

Also, in a world with vampires, True Ancestors, Church assassins, and even more, it will only get more fun to mix up TYPE MOON (the company who created it, with the ‘world’ affectionately called the Nasuverse) with Harry Potter even more.

Arcueid True Ancestor Angry

I’ll try to continue with my other stories, that Doctor Who crossover needs an update soon, it has been a few months…

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