Melancholic Nostalgia

Ever since I started my new job, I get home and have inspiration again, and I write each evening. It’s quite a change to what happened previously, trying to ignore the world around me.

This chapter was 7,316 words long, above average for me lately. ‘In my arms, In my heart’ is a sequel to my popular story (Out of Sight, Out of Mind) where Nabiki searches Japan for Ranma. Seems to have a garnered a good following from the original story, so it’ll be good to see how this one progresses, though of course, I have a stupidly epic storyline in store. I just hope I get the time to write the whole damn thing.

I think I have around 5 stories in total that need to be finished. The Doctor Who one is ending in around 4-5 chapters, though the ending is going to be unexpected, and tragic too.

Oh, and setting itself up for a mega-crossover sequel.


Sometimes, it’s hard to write a one-shot story, or one that only has at most 4 chapters. Admittedly, I have written some, but my mind insists on fleshing out the story to such a ridiculous length that I will never end it conclusively. TDoHS is one of them, a fully sealed story, yet I made a rarely updated sequel for it, likewise with OoSOoM. I should have learned my lesson after my classic ‘Book’ series, where 2 were written fully, and the third only half done.

Some things will never change, readers will be disappointed that a series will never be completed, the storyline hanging off the edge of a cliff, knowing that they will forever be denied the ending.

In the meantime, allowed you to upload book covers a while ago, so I took some time to create three, and I think they are rather nifty.


The Mystic Eyes of Harry Potter, combining the Nanatsu Yoru (the weapon of choice for cutting the Lines of Death), the Crimson Moon, and naturally Harry, with his special eyes if you look carefully


Out of Sight, Out of Mind, both manga images of Nabiki and Ranma, with her usual calculating expression.


And its sequel, In my arms, In my heart. Taken from the artbook since it was a nice picture of the two, and how the tables have turned in the future. Incidentally, the picture behind is an actual photo of Lake Ogawara, just to give an impression of where they moved to.

Also, thanks to Flagfic, I’ve been reading a ton of fanfics lately, now working on an epic i read a few years back. At 1,313,240 words long, it will take some time to read, but I’m not worried! I’m having the time of my life.

And that’s it for today, I’ll talk about my new job at a later date, but suffice it to say, I absolutely love it. I won’t say any more because I’ll be gushing like a madman.

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