Melancholic Nostalgia

A good idea for a plot, the mob from the future send back targets in time to be killed by assassins in the past who then dispose the bodies. Trouble is, the looper is when you have to kill your future self. Said looper is the main character, and his future self escapes.

I still can’t figure out exactly why, the first 15 or so minutes were great, setting it up to be a classic action movie, whereby the main character and his older self team up to fight off the bad guys.

Instead, they become enemies, Young trying to kill the Old. While not entirely a bad choice writing-wise, it then goes further into the bizarre. Old has a single clue about an evil man in his timeline, since his wife was killed just before he was taken by the mob leader, so he has to kill the man when he is but a child.

Meanwhile, Young meets a woman and child, who is obviously the evil guy. Problem is the action ends here more-or-less. Young’s genre is more psychological drama, with a hint of horror since the boy can do Omen-style telekinesis.

Old’s genre is the action, killing one boy, then kills Young’s fellow assassins is a great scene.

Then, they eventually meet up. Old wanting to kill the boy, Young trying to stop him. Young realises why the boy went bad, seeing his mother die, and thus kills himself, making the Old version vanish completely.

We then see the boy look a little happier, and that’s it…

Critics love it, I just don’t understand, it was a mish-mash of two opposite genres, and it just didn’t gel for me. The scene without Bruce Willis lost their steam entirely, and you were longing for some action instead of the irritatingly slow melodrama ‘why does he have to die?’ palaver.

12 Monkeys, again with Bruce Willis, was a much better version of this, and the ending was very similar, as he saw his own future self die.

What a waste of money…

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