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Not bad, 7,155 words in total, up to chapter 6 now (Harry Potter / Tsukihime crossover) My muse had a huge burst of inspiration, just one of those days when characters already with their own personalities, albeit slightly tweaked by myself (or totally fabricated to the extreme when it comes to Petunia), come into contact […]

The Hero Overemphasis

July 30th, 2012

You’ve seen this in many stories around the world, in every possible language. The amazing heroic boy or man, overcoming all obstacles to defeat the enemy and be victorious. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that these characters are merely fiction. People portray them in films and TV series, you see them endlessly. For me, it’s […]

After reading through my traffic, it seems that everyone is interested in my review of KnK, and even the animation of the Mystic Eyes. Well, if you’re a fan of the soundtrack (just check out YouTube for some of the best tracks), then perhaps these CD covers will be nice. The first few do exist, […]

Love Hina Horror Fanfiction

February 14th, 2010

As per my previous post, another site was resurrected. Take your time and read my fanfic, think Love Hina vs Fast Zombie horde, and you get the picture.

Since connecting my old hard drives to my computer, I’ve been searching them to make room, and found my old site! I’ve uploaded my ‘Anime Info’ page, and now it’s live on the site. Direct links to it are or, which both bring up the same page. if you’re interested in anime or […]

Kara No Kyoukai and K-ON

January 3rd, 2010

Two completely different kinds of anime, from two very opposite sides of the coin. Kara No Kyoukai: Created By TYPE-MOON, famous for Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night. Even the creator, Kinoko Nasu is famous for mixing his series so much that he has created a whole new universe of characters and symbolism, commonly called the Nasuverse. […]