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This could also apply to any writer too, once they have developed their characters. Fanfiction, as it sounds is fiction written by fans of a particular series, or even real life… If only you knew what young (and old) female fans write about Justin Beiber… Anyway, onto my point. The joy of fanfiction is that, […]

A good idea for a plot, the mob from the future send back targets in time to be killed by assassins in the past who then dispose the bodies. Trouble is, the looper is when you have to kill your future self. Said looper is the main character, and his future self escapes. I still […]

I’ve just finished another chapter in my story, at 7949 words, it’s a good length. After finishing the previous chapter my inspiration failed to die down as fast, so I went on and produced the above. However, for the first time since beginning my writing in 2001, I wrote a scene which I have never […]

Ever since I started my new job, I get home and have inspiration again, and I write each evening. It’s quite a change to what happened previously, trying to ignore the world around me. This chapter was 7,316 words long, above average for me lately. ‘In my arms, In my heart’ is a sequel to […]

Not bad, 7,155 words in total, up to chapter 6 now (Harry Potter / Tsukihime crossover) My muse had a huge burst of inspiration, just one of those days when characters already with their own personalities, albeit slightly tweaked by myself (or totally fabricated to the extreme when it comes to Petunia), come into contact […]

Finally, the tool I’ve been dreaming about, someone has created it… A simple idea, convert fanfics from a lot of famous sites into ebook format, for you to download. Sounds good? It gets better. Not only can you download it straight to your computer, but they give you the option to email it too. […]

A surprise fanfic update

August 4th, 2012

The last update for this story was back on 16th June 2008. Strange how inspiration can hit you whilst you’re resting in a summer home. So here we have it, Chapter 3 of Life After the Death of Haruhi Suzumiya. A small 4402 words in total, not bad.

The Hero Overemphasis

July 30th, 2012

You’ve seen this in many stories around the world, in every possible language. The amazing heroic boy or man, overcoming all obstacles to defeat the enemy and be victorious. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that these characters are merely fiction. People portray them in films and TV series, you see them endlessly. For me, it’s […]

Killing Writer’s Block

July 14th, 2012

I’ve been thinking lately, not surprising really given what is happening around me lately. A new job, an uncertain political future, money becoming worthless, this endless heat wave, all of these have reminded me that sometimes you need to remember what things you enjoy doing in your spare time. Writing is naturally one of my […]

Might as well begin with an update I did last night. Continuation of the Crimson Valentine fic, White Day is here, but Shiki has finally accepted that he has reached the end of his journey, and his last wish is to help his sister. Already 2 nice reviews.