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This could also apply to any writer too, once they have developed their characters. Fanfiction, as it sounds is fiction written by fans of a particular series, or even real life… If only you knew what young (and old) female fans write about Justin Beiber… Anyway, onto my point. The joy of fanfiction is that, […]

A good idea for a plot, the mob from the future send back targets in time to be killed by assassins in the past who then dispose the bodies. Trouble is, the looper is when you have to kill your future self. Said looper is the main character, and his future self escapes. I still […]

Introducing, the Sadwich!

October 2nd, 2012

Yes, I made lunch today in a rush. The lunch for this time of crisis! Ingredients: 4 slices of bread 2 slices of cheese (Gouda is my preference here, mild cheddar if in England) Wafer thin turkey slices Mayonnaise Instructions: 1. Place two slices of bread on plate. 2. Put one slice of cheese on […]

I’ve just finished another chapter in my story, at 7949 words, it’s a good length. After finishing the previous chapter my inspiration failed to die down as fast, so I went on and produced the above. However, for the first time since beginning my writing in 2001, I wrote a scene which I have never […]

Killing Writer’s Block

July 14th, 2012

I’ve been thinking lately, not surprising really given what is happening around me lately. A new job, an uncertain political future, money becoming worthless, this endless heat wave, all of these have reminded me that sometimes you need to remember what things you enjoy doing in your spare time. Writing is naturally one of my […]

Hello world!

July 11th, 2012

Well, all seems to be running rather smoothly. lets you automatically install wordpress, imported the old xml file and all my old files, and voila! I made a great saving, either stick with for £36 a year (and they joined another company called, or join for £36, for 5 years. No […]

A common part of working in a travel agency, however 1 hour can kill you with boredom. In between doing my usual complaints and cleaning out the queue, I drew these horrid figments (well, only one really is horrid) Taken with the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Bought a new chair at Praktiker, finally, a decent office chair with arm rests to replace a white girly chair I’ve been using for over a year (due to my massive leather one snapping in two). Super comfortable, I’m loving it already. Also, a creative doorstop, or for me, a cat stopper (to prevent her […]

Youth in Revolt

April 4th, 2010

Not a bad movie really. Saw the trailer on my iPod (using the podcast from via iTunes) so we decided to see it yesterday. Overall, wacky fun, dual personalities and a weird premise all round (even the geeky lead is likeable to a certain extent), makes it for a good viewing. We were also […]

Two movie reviews

February 6th, 2006

lj-music: .hack//Liminality – OST – 10 – Humiliation Munich, by Spielberg. Was drawn by the trailer, knowing a little of what happened in ’72. Went to see it with Maria on Saturday. Basic plot: After the deaths of the athletes, a man is hired to go and kill the people who masterminded it, leaders of […]