Melancholic Nostalgia

Love Hina – 28 Days Later / Nijuuhachi Hi Ato (Love Hina)

A story I wrote during a difficult period at university, which turned out to be one of my masterpieces, which I consider to have a huge part of my imagination going crazy in a good way. The descriptions and scenario, Japan being overrun by fast zombies (like the original movie), with the light-hearted characters from Love Hina. This could not come from a sane person…

And yet, it worked, in so many ways.

I created the old site for it, but lost it when the site was wiped. However, as per my ‘Anime Info’ page, an archive was made. So I have chosen to bring it back, and update it with new things I’ve learned since then.

Enjoy reading!

Love Hina – 28 Days Later