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Hurray for protests?

May 1st, 2010

Well, no, not really. No point in talking about how badly Greece is doing, it’s all over the news. The BBC has two interesting articles, seeing as I’m getting a lot of hits on my ‘Why Greece is in Debt’ page. This link talks about exactly what happened to Greece, which just about sums it […]

Getting warmer in Greece finally, the day before a National Holiday, there’s many religious festivals happening, like this one near the Olympiakos Football Stadium (on my way to work)   Aside from that, last weekend Maria and I went to see The Ghost Writer (I decided to link to IMDB for films from now on, […]

Nuclear fallout in Greece!

March 13th, 2010

Or so it looked like on the 8th March. While these photos fail to do it justice, imagine a world where you leave your house, and the sky is orange/brown, and the whole landscape looks that colour. This came from the sand from Egypt that occasionally comes over for a visit, bringing these kinds of […]

Day of (un)rest

March 5th, 2010

So yes, a day at home, working from home, whilst others choose to protest. Or fight… Being on the receiving end of tear gas isn’t a nice experience, I’ll tell you that… Your eyes water, nose runs and mouth gets dry all at once. Even though places like the metro were closed, it doesn’t stop […]

New measures have been introduced to boost the currency: Pensions freezes; Cuts in public sector pay; A increase in sales tax from 19% to 21%; Rises in taxes on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol; Rises in taxes on luxury goods. Good news for the Euro… but this is inevitably followed by hell.  There will be a […]

Greece isn’t so bad

February 21st, 2010

Going on from my previous post, there are still many problems. Despite the new austerity plans, there are other problems with getting money from Greek people.  Huge strikes in Greece (forcing a run on petrol stations because fuel trucks stopped too), other parties disagreeing (namely the Greek Communist Party), and the previous government refusing to […]