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Well, that’s an approximate amount, when I wasn’t feeling particularly inspirational. A good ballmark figure I should strive for when I start writing in greater amounts for the next year or so. True, it may not be for my book, just fanfiction again, but any form of writing is writing none-the-less. Taking some well deserved […]

Youth in Revolt

April 4th, 2010

Not a bad movie really. Saw the trailer on my iPod (using the podcast from via iTunes) so we decided to see it yesterday. Overall, wacky fun, dual personalities and a weird premise all round (even the geeky lead is likeable to a certain extent), makes it for a good viewing. We were also […]

Getting warmer in Greece finally, the day before a National Holiday, there’s many religious festivals happening, like this one near the Olympiakos Football Stadium (on my way to work)   Aside from that, last weekend Maria and I went to see The Ghost Writer (I decided to link to IMDB for films from now on, […]

Heavy Rain PS3 impressions

March 2nd, 2010

Not having a Playstation 3, I wandered into Public in Syntagma and saw a familiar control scheme and started playing, Heavy Rain, the new game from Quantic Dream. 2 hours later, the shop was closing and I had to leave. All I can say was, after playing through David Cage’s previous game Fahrenheit, he has […]

Avatar / New PC built

January 12th, 2010

So, I finally went to see the movie, all in nice 3D at the Village Max cinema in Faliro. Overall, it was good. I wouldn’t state excellent, as there were a few problems with pacing, I would have liked to see more of Jake trying to fit in with his Avatar when learning the Na’vi […]

Kara No Kyoukai and K-ON

January 3rd, 2010

Two completely different kinds of anime, from two very opposite sides of the coin. Kara No Kyoukai: Created By TYPE-MOON, famous for Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night. Even the creator, Kinoko Nasu is famous for mixing his series so much that he has created a whole new universe of characters and symbolism, commonly called the Nasuverse. […]

Fanfiction murmuring

January 18th, 2006

lj-music: Fahrenheit – Quiz Music Lately, I’ve been getting into too much looong fanfiction (read, over 100,000 words), namely Ranma and (of all things) Harry Potter. However, these aren’t your ordinary ones, these are the complete rewrites, when someone goes back in time to change the past. I’ve got about 5 HP stories being monitored […]