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This could also apply to any writer too, once they have developed their characters. Fanfiction, as it sounds is fiction written by fans of a particular series, or even real life… If only you knew what young (and old) female fans write about Justin Beiber… Anyway, onto my point. The joy of fanfiction is that, […]

Also known as ‘working in a successful multinational firm in a country that is falling apart at the seams’. Ever since I’ve started my new job, I’ve noticed that I have lost touch with the daily struggle of day-to-day life in Greece. I laugh and joke and truly enjoy the work I do now. There […]

I’ve just finished another chapter in my story, at 7949 words, it’s a good length. After finishing the previous chapter my inspiration failed to die down as fast, so I went on and produced the above. However, for the first time since beginning my writing in 2001, I wrote a scene which I have never […]

The Hero Overemphasis

July 30th, 2012

You’ve seen this in many stories around the world, in every possible language. The amazing heroic boy or man, overcoming all obstacles to defeat the enemy and be victorious. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that these characters are merely fiction. People portray them in films and TV series, you see them endlessly. For me, it’s […]